All students can succeed when they work with

knowledgeable, compassionate teachers to use their individual strengths to master course material. Foundations For Success Canada Students gives students the opportunity to develop skills that will facilitate their success in both postsecondary studies and their chosen career paths.

How Students Are Benefitting From e-Learning...

It's tough for teachers to give every students the full, undivided attention that all students deserve.

E-learning provides personalized, 1-on-1 attention and support. 

All students learn at different paces. 


With e-learning, students learn at their own pace, allowing them to reach their full potential and give them an unforgettable learning experience. 


 In special circumstances, some students are unable to be physically present in classrooms on a consistent basis.


With e-learning, students can get the full classroom experience from anywhere in the world, anytime they like. 

Our Promise Is An Unforgettable Learning Experience...




We promise to support students in achieving their individualized goals for their course. Teachers have regular office hours to answer questions, as well as to provide feedback and advice to students on evaluations and future study and career options. Communication is one key to success, and teachers will work with students and parents to facilitate student achievement throughout the course.



We promise to prepare students to achieve their academic and professional goals. We work with students to cultivate transferable and marketable skills required to succeed in today’s modern classroom and economy. Our courses feature curriculum that help students develop global competencies such as problem-solving, communication, critical thinking, self regulation, continuous learning and development, and so much more. All of our lessons are video recorded or fully narrated, maximizing the benefits of the digital classroom.



Students can log in to their account to engage in course material and complete tests and assignments at any time. The quality of submitted work is valued more than the quantity of time spent in a physical classroom. By building these skills with Foundations for Success, students are setting themselves up to thrive in school and the world of work.