An Unconventional Strategy to Communicate with Your Child’s Teachers

Uncategorized Oct 07, 2020

Let’s start with a hard truth.


If you believe that your child’s academic success is 100% the responsibility of your kid and the teacher, this episode is not right for you.


There’s a link between parent involvement and student achievement. In other words, when you actively participate in your child’s learning, he or she will do better in school.


(Of course, this is a general relationship, and everyone is different.)


One way to get involved is to proactively communicate with your child’s teachers. A supportive and productive working relationship is the first step to helping your child succeed. By actively sharing your expertise (yes, all parents are experts in their kids!), teachers will be in a better position to support your child’s learning.


But what does this look like, especially in the middle of a pandemic? With uncertain timetables and technology freak-outs, how do we communicate with teachers?


In this session, our program director Jeffrey goes through a simple, low-tech strategy to help you build this important relationship. By using a series of emails, you will be equipped to meet the demands of an unusual school year.


We have also created FREE templates to kickstart your email communication journey. All you have to do is insert your name, your child’s name and some other information, and you’ll be good to go!


Be sure to grab the free resource by clicking on this link.


A bit more about this session, which was originally a part of our back-to-school live series (click here to see what else we talked about)

  • Why parent engagement is important
  • How to communicate with your child’s teachers using three emails (and maybe a couple follow-ups)
  • The value of a good first impression
  • The impact of expressing support and appreciation for teachers, especially now
  • Why it’s important to ask specific questions
  • What to do if teachers don’t respond to your emails (this is a tough one, but sometimes the simplest strategy is best)

If you’re ready to be, or continue to be, a partner in your child’s success, take 10 minutes to fill in the first template in our free resource, copy and paste your magically completed emails, and click that Send button.


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