The Three Biggest Myths Surrounding Online Learning.

When we think of e-learning, we tend to think of dry material, clunky technology, and a hall pass for students to get an easy grade.

While that may have been true 10-15 years ago, innovative technology and active learning have come a long way.

That being said, let’s look at the three biggest myths surrounding e-learning today.

#1 - Students Can’t Be Engaged In An Online Course

Student engagement is always at the forefront of education. When a student is actively engaging in material, it means they have a willingness to learn. The common thinking is that you can’t get students engaged with e-learning.

e-Learning uses technology to interact with students in a way they never could before. Instead of avoiding technology, e-learning has the ability to use technology to ask discussion questions to students, and assign grades to questions during class.

#2 - Students Don’t Get Enough 1-on-1 Attention.

In most traditional classroom settings, you will always have those 5-10 students in a class who simply won’t ask questions because they’re embarrassed about getting something wrong. So what do these students do? They count down the time until class ends, and they NEVER ask teachers for help.

The result? Poor grades.

In most e-learning classroom settings - including Foundations For Success Canada, we actually make it part of the student curriculum to attend 1-on-1 virtual meetings with instructors. These meetings are dedicated to the individual student. Students actually get better grades in the class because they get 1-on-1 attention every week, and no longer have to feel embarrassed about answering a question incorrectly in front of their peers.

#3 - eLearning Is A Hall Pass For An Easy Grade

Originally, e-learning courses were mostly offered asynchronously (pre-recorded). Fast forward to 2020 - we can offer synchronous courses, offering live 1-on-1 support, and virtual office hours.

Long gone are the days where students take e-learning classes because they “don’t have to be in class”. At Foundations For Success Canada, our focus is on increasing participation and engagement in the classroom, while providing students with the attention and support they need.

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  • The Foundations For Success Canada Team