"The lessons provided on Vretta are very detailed and explain thoroughly how to do things, as well as provide interactive aspects that make the content more clear and easier to comprehend - unlike other online schools. You can further develop skills such as problem solving, the ability to analyze, model and interpret data, and enhance your attention to detail and accuracy. Through the development of these cognitive and interpersonal skills it creates a very positive environment for myself as well as the peers I interact with!"

- Lucia

Thanks to Foundations for Success, I am able to cover a math course I initially thought would be intimidating. My teacher has done an incredible job making the course digestible and dividing the content up to ensure I get the most of each unit. I have been able to complete my tasks when it is convenient for me without worrying about compromising other responsibilities of mine. Knowing I have a teacher who is available every step of the way has made this experience enjoyable and successful. I’m thankful to have my teachers 100% commitment to my success and the many resources this online course has provided for me.

- Mikayla

Foundations for Success is a great virtual online school! The lessons, tests and assignments are extremely well thought out and put together. Personally, I am a visual learner so when I am able to watch videos about real life situations in which I would be able to use these skills it helps me further develop my understanding of such concepts. The online textbook and notes are extremely helpful in providing me with a very efficient answer to my questions. I really do enjoy taking this course and feel I have grown as a student here so far.

- Serena

Foundations for Success gave me the opportunity to develop knowledge and learn skills to my full potential. Their online learning environment allowed me to progress at my own pace and understanding which has made me more comfortable and less intimidated learning many new concepts at once. The teaching staff provided great amount of support to help me excel in areas of trouble to fully comprehend concepts and skills that I can use in further studies.


- Leanna